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We humanize software by Agile Software Development.

Focus on business, we take care of software. Multidisciplinary software development teams to build digital products that matters.

 case study 


aptly - helped to develop a set of applications which improve user experiences and scale up its revenue and physical business.

platform support 3 most critical processes: sales, production, logistics

legacy technology stack replaced - giving endless expansion possibilities

platform is optimised for all screen devices (RWD)

LABOTE office
LABOTE case study
Case Studies
Our Story

We are experienced professionals who took a part in many software development projects so far.

We love to team up with companies and build together products that matter.

We do it following agile methodologies, newest technologies, right processes by a team of professionals.

Our Vision

We follow the Latin "Non futuis eum". We work with passion and purpose. We challenge ourselves in a daily basis and we are in continuous learning loop improving our craftmanship and challenging status quo all the way. We love diversity and mix of cultures, we  believe our Clients can benefit from this. We are amazed by the digital revolution which is happening right now. We are competent and experienced enough to take a part in it and bring value. We want to create it. 


We are using emerging but proven technologies. JavaScript, React, Node.

React logotype

How it works

We start here

Meet and Greet

Contact us and tell us about you and what you would like to achieve. We will love to discuss it with you and propose a well suited solution. Every collaboration is based on a proper communication. That's why we would like to get to know you and show you who we are and how do we work too!

Consultation & concept assesment

Ideally we would like to have a day or two for Creative, Scoping and Planning Session where we can discover the goals and scope of the project but also to get to know each other as a human person beings.

Agile Software Development

We can start working following Agile (Scrum) approach. This means working in iterations with sprint goals and delivering value at each step with transparency - working software every 2 weeks.


You can start using your software after 1st month. We will work on it until we will succeed.

Software Development Services

Blockchain engineering & development

How it works

We are hiring!

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Request a call

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