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Lead ReactJS Developer

What do we offer

What do we offer:

  • attractive salary (7000-10 000 Gross)

  • tools (21' display monitor, MacBook or Dell laptop)

  • inspiring team 

  • comfortable environment (cozy office, right tools, simple rules)

  • meaningful work for international clients

  • fast paced career path

  • informal atmosphere

  • coaching by seniors

Must Have
You should be an expert and have the following skills:
  • React

  • React Router

  • Redux

  • Redux-Form

  • HTML

  • CSS (LESS, SASS, or SCSS preferred)

  • Webpack

Should Have

Contact us and tell what you would like to achieve. We will love to discuss it with you and propose a well suited solution. Every collaboration is based on a proper communication. That's why we would like to get to know you and show you who we are too!

Who are we looking for?

Should have



What we use

  • JavaScript (ES2015+), TypeScript;

  • Webpack, Babel, Yarn, ESLint/TSLint, stylelint, Flow;

  • React, Redux, RxJS, Reselect, Immutable, Lodash/Ramda, React Native;

  • PostCSS, SCSS, CSS Modules, Bootstrap 4, Foundation for Emails 2;

  • Jest, Enzyme, Sinon, Chai;

  • Git, GitHub, Sentry, CircleCI, Avocode;

  • Progressive Web Apps, functional programming, server-side rendering, code-splitting;

  • Code reviews, TDD, pair programming, continuous integration.

Apply if you

  • have experience in developing web applications using modern frameworks, ideally React;

  • are driven by the passion for creating beautiful code, delivering great product and constantly improving yourself;

  • are aware of good conventions and clean code practices (modularity, patterns, components);

  • already have or would like to learn a secondary platform, ideally backend or mobile;

  • have great interpersonal and teamwork skills - we are a close knit team and work together to make awesome products happen;

  • are great problem solver and self starter - we work with folks that have a deep desire to do better and be better;

  • have good communication skills - we help our team and partners make the right choices;

  • have the ability and autonomy to solve complex tasks and you're focused on getting things done.

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